Not being charged for energy use

You’re taking a direct debit from me every month but not charging me for energy use since nov 18? I emailed with no response, so trying here as I’ve got a rather large credit with you but dont know if its enough as you are not charging me?


I am the same. I have used 7 weeks of energy without a bill. I’d like to see if I can reduce the direct debit.

I have created a spreadsheet to monitor my usage and average out a monthly amount to know I am not over-using or under-paying.

Same here, been with them since June 2018, and still no bill ?

What has Bulb told you about you not having a statement?

I emailed 4 weeks ago, and not had a response

Have you tried telephone or chat, these may be a better option to get a response?

Can’t get no response from them ? Tried emailing and calling to no avail :confused:

Glad I’m not the only one ! Have you ever had a bill ?

I’m still laughing here ; ) Tried to log onto chat but always a waiting list and it states that the line is busy, try later.

Yes I’ve always had a statement.

Due to a problem which was reported in another thread about not being able to actually download a statement I contacted Bulb by Chat today to see if they were aware of the problem.

I opened my Chat at 1:08 PM and had a response by 1:11 PM which I though was very good going. The response was to say the tech team were aware of the problem which I brought to their attention.

Oh Great ! I shall have another go at the chat.

I also had this problem but it was caused by old supplier registering wrong gas meter S//N on data base “quick” call to chat with correct S/N resolved problem(still think it’s at least 30% BULBS fault for not monitoring C/A’s properly)

I haven’t had statements since 8th September when I had smart meters put in.

Managed to get a live chat with member of staff, but still no statement sent as they promised. ?