Not billed since December 1st

How long should it take to get a bill. I use smart meter. I pay monthly direct debt. Why have I not been billed since December. Bulb apologise and say it take 6wks to generate a bill despite me providing manual actual reading.

Smart meter billing has been broken since December. No information on progress to a solution is forthcoming from Bulb.

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This is not on. I even provided a manual over the phone provision of the readings and they reply was “it can up to six weeks to produce a bill”. It shouldnt take a month and a bit to generate a bill.

I joined in November and haven’t been billed yet despite being on smart meter. Emailed bulb over a week ago and have had no reply

I’ve also not had a bill since 1st December.

Been trying to get Bulb to resolve for months now (email and web chats) and gotten nowhere with Bulb customer service.
Many emails have not been responded to and the ones that have, have been very delayed and provided misleading and unhelpful information.
Bulb website claims we get £5 auto compensation for emails that aren’t responded to within 5 working days ( Haven’t received any compensation from bulb but if they stuck to that rule guess it would be pretty costly for them right now.

I have a smart meter (previously installed by SSE) and currently on Bulb’s smart tariff (been with Bulb since around March 2019).
The energy usage graph on the My Account Bulb website shows figures based on the daily reading from my smart meter ( so they clearly get regular readings from my smart meter ).
However no readings so in the Meter Reading section below the graph.
I’ve tried to submit manual readings and have emailed Bulb readings multiple times and they never shown up either and still have not been issued a bill.

I’ve asked them to raise formal complaint about these issues. But had no further communication that any progress has been made on these issues or the status of the complaint.

In the latest response from Bulb they finally admitted they have an internal issue with their billing system and aren’t currently able generate a bill for me until it is resolved.
There has been no timescale provided for this resolution and given that it’s been going on since December who knows when they’ll finnally fix it.

I’ve decided to switch to another supplier as I’ve had enough of Bulbs poor service.
However need Bulb to first switch me back to the single tariff (so my smart meter just displays the 1 reading instead of the smart tarriff 3 readings) as switching before this is done will cause issues during the switch ( confirmed by new supplier).
It’s been over a week now since I requested and Bulb acknowledged my request to switch back to the single tariff and Bulb still haven’t done this or provided a date when the switch will happen.

So disappointed and frustrated with the service from Bulb lately, just want to move to a supplier as soon as possible at this point.


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No I cant log into my online account. This criminal. Im gona find the ceo on linkedin and give him a stern message.

Let’s get tough. The time for talking is over. Call it extreme if you like, but I propose we hit it hard and hit it fast with a major - and I mean major - leaflet campaign.

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:joy: :joy: :joy: …you sure mean business! No holds barred. Sign me up for this!