Not enjoying my so called smart move

So I got harrassed with smart meter emails, then told by law my meters needed changing due to the age

I got them half installed spent hours trying to get them fully finished.spoke to a manager who keeps promising my little screen to monitor my usage.

Has it arrived…nope

And I’m maybe 8 weeks down the line

So no smart screen, terrible service from staff who pretend to do stuff.

Not at all impressed, actually massively dissatisfied

Don’t go smart, because it’s a nightmare

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Same here.

Installed the meters months ago. The Siemens engineers said the display wasn’t connecting. They spent an hour trying to speak to head office. They got nowhere and had to leave. They said the job couldn’t be commissioned and couldn’t give me the smart meter. They said someone would be in touch.

Nearly 3 months later and not heard a thing.

Hi @davidrichardbillings

I’m sorry to see you weren’t left a screen when we installed your smart meters. Usually the engineer would leave one on site and hook it up to the meters, I’m not sure why that’s not happened here.

If you’ve spoken to a manager then you’ll already be on our waiting list to get a screen sent out. This should be in the next few months, but depends on when our Smart team return to our offices in full capacity.

Hi @isherwood9988

If your in-home display hasn’t connected to the meters this should be something we can fix remotely for you.

I’ll send an email over now to ask for a bit more detail and we can get this taken care of. Sorry that nobody has reached out sooner about this.


So wait another few months … considering your manager said he was sending one out it’s a bit embarrassing on your side, complete lack of customer service. I would imagine you have little control in your work

@davidrichardbillings apologises for the delay on your IHD! We’re still all working remotely due to the pandemic so getting them sent out has been difficult as we’re not actively in the office full time to arrange this yet. You’ll be in the waiting list as @CJ_at_Bulb said so once we’re back to normal we’ll get those out to everyone who’s requested one over 2020 and 2021 :blush: