Not enjoying my so called smart move

So I got harrassed with smart meter emails, then told by law my meters needed changing due to the age

I got them half installed spent hours trying to get them fully finished.spoke to a manager who keeps promising my little screen to monitor my usage.

Has it arrived…nope

And I’m maybe 8 weeks down the line

So no smart screen, terrible service from staff who pretend to do stuff.

Not at all impressed, actually massively dissatisfied

Don’t go smart, because it’s a nightmare

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Same here.

Installed the meters months ago. The Siemens engineers said the display wasn’t connecting. They spent an hour trying to speak to head office. They got nowhere and had to leave. They said the job couldn’t be commissioned and couldn’t give me the smart meter. They said someone would be in touch.

Nearly 3 months later and not heard a thing.

Hi @davidrichardbillings

I’m sorry to see you weren’t left a screen when we installed your smart meters. Usually the engineer would leave one on site and hook it up to the meters, I’m not sure why that’s not happened here.

If you’ve spoken to a manager then you’ll already be on our waiting list to get a screen sent out. This should be in the next few months, but depends on when our Smart team return to our offices in full capacity.

Hi @isherwood9988

If your in-home display hasn’t connected to the meters this should be something we can fix remotely for you.

I’ll send an email over now to ask for a bit more detail and we can get this taken care of. Sorry that nobody has reached out sooner about this.


So wait another few months … considering your manager said he was sending one out it’s a bit embarrassing on your side, complete lack of customer service. I would imagine you have little control in your work

@davidrichardbillings apologises for the delay on your IHD! We’re still all working remotely due to the pandemic so getting them sent out has been difficult as we’re not actively in the office full time to arrange this yet. You’ll be in the waiting list as @CJ_at_Bulb said so once we’re back to normal we’ll get those out to everyone who’s requested one over 2020 and 2021 :blush:

Hi. I had a smart meter installed this week and the installer said he wouldn’t even take the IHD out the box and show me how it works because “that’s only for Eon customers”.

The IHD itself is not new, it’s dirty and scratched, obviously a return. And it only displays gas, something which even a quick glance at these forums shows is very common.

Hi @arewenotmen :wave:

I’m sorry for how the engineer acted, that’s definitely not the service we expect them to be displaying. If you would like me to raise a complaint for you I’d be happy to? I’ll pass this feedback on too.

To try and fix the IHD would you be able to try the fix in your Bulb account here? Let me know how you get on with that :slightly_smiling_face:

All the best,

Hi Megan, thanks for the reply. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if the Bulb emails or the installer was at fault. The emails I received in the run-up to the installation said installers wear PPE (my wife’s pregnant so we’re careful about this kind of thing) and they’d phone before arriving - neither happened.

When I brought this up with one of your team on Twitter, they said the PPE regulations may have changed and it was just the emails hadn’t been updated to reflect this. They also said it was up to the installers whether they phoned before arriving or not. So I’m not really sure what the point of the emails are if nothing they state is accurate?

As for the IHD - I was surprised to see on this forum that many people had theirs up and running and explained by installers before they left. As I said, the guy who installed our meters said IHD demos were “only for Eon customers” and wouldn’t take it out the box!

Thanks for suggesting the help page - I’ll check it out.

Hi @arewenotmen

I’ve queried this with our smart team who have confirmed the regulations regarding PPE haven’t changed, so the engineer should have been wearing the protective equipment. I really am sorry about this, and for the fact that your wife was made to feel uncomfortable.

We do ask that the engineers give you a call when they’re on their way, but unfortunately sometimes they don’t, so I’m afraid that’s usually out of our control.

The smart team have also confirmed the IHD would work, so please keep me posted on how you get on with the Bulb account fix.

After all of this, we can raise a complaint for you, so I’d be happy to do so - just let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

All the best,

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Thanks for the detailed reply, Megan, much appreciated.

Yes, I think I probably should lodge it as a complaint because there were a few issues and I think some of them need looking into.

Thanks again for your help.

That’s not a problem @arewenotmen, I’ll drop you an email later today with the complaint details :slightly_smiling_face:

– Meg :bulb:

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Thanks very much, Meg :raised_hands:

Having ignored their smart meter emails, Bulb started calling me to ask me to change over to them so thought I would to shut them up. Was told it would take 60-90 mins and power would be off for 20.

After agreeing and arranging date, I start getting the pre-installation emails which said installation would actually be 2-3 hours.

Emails also say the installers would be wearing PPE (my wife is pregnant so we’re being careful on that front) and they’d call before the appointment. No phone call. No masks. Power off for over an hour.

Installer said he wouldn’t open the box to show me the IHD because “that’s only for Eon customers”. He also said most people never open them so there was no need to explain how they work.

I checked it out after he left, it must have been one someone returned because it’s dirty and scratched and wasn’t sealed, just rattling around in the box. Definitely not new.

And as so many others on this forum have said, it only shows gas, not electricity.

None of this is major in any way but wanted to leave it as feedback. The whole experience just felt a bit slapdash.

When I brought up the PPE thing with a Bulb rep on Twitter, they said the regulations had probably changed but they hadn’t updated their emails. They also said it was up to the installers if they phone before arriving. So not really sure what the point of the emails was.

I’ve just merged your other thread here @arewenotmen, as I’ve hopefully managed to answer all your questions!

– Meg :bulb:

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You’ve been very helpful, thank you :slight_smile:


I believe the whole thing with Smart Meters is dealt with by one company, Bulb, E-on and so on are just middlemen who pass the customer details to the Smart Meter company’s booking schedule

This company are terrible, poor quality software of the IHDs and network signal blackspots all over the country all of which hamper the connection and usefulness of the IHD

It personally took 12 months from Smart Meter and IHD installation at my home before the IHD finally became useful and connected to the two meters

The whole Smart Meter roll out was rushed and insufficient infastructure in place before the roll out began but the Government forced the Smart Meter company to commence the process too early

Clearly it’s been another backhander between Goverment and company so they are awarded the contract, despite them not being the best bidder for the contract (See Dido’s Trace n Test app of the pandemic)

Hi @shaun5948 :wave:

So Siemens and MDS are the engineers that install the smart meters for Bulb. The meters that they will install are SMETS2 Landis+Gyr. As well as installing the meter/s, they will also install a communications hub on top of the electricity meter - this is the device that talks to Bulb and sends us the readings. It’s able to talk to Bulb because it’s connected to the SMETS2 Smart Network (the DCC). Lastly, the engineer will also leave you with an IHD, and the most common model being used is IHD6 CAD PPMID.

I hope that brief intro has helped explain how the smart meter installs work for Bulb.

I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t have a great experience with your installation. I’ve just checked your account and can see that we are successfully receiving your smart reads, but is everything alright with your IHD? Or is there anything else I can help with?

– Meg :bulb:

I can beat you all.

My ‘smart’ meter was installed on the 17th April 2019 but during the appointment the installer said he didn’t have any IHDs and couldn’t commission the meter.

On the 5th June a follow up appointment had been booked but the engineer decided to just not turn up.

Since then, I have still not received my IHD and my ‘smart’ meter still has not been commissioned so I am still having to read my meter and send in manual meter readings. Apparently we live in an area with no signal . . . We live in East Kent, not exactly the middle of nowhere.

Incredibly frustrating especially considering our electricity usage seems to be extraordinarily high for our family situation.

Hi @Tim20 - welcome to Community :wave:

I’m sorry you’ve not had a great experience since having your smart meters installed. I’ve had a look through your account and it appears that the engineer was unable to connect your smart meters to the network due to the poor signal. I’m afraid we are still waiting for an update on when we’ll be able to connect your meters to the network, but we’ll let you know as soon as we can.

I appreciate this isn’t the solution you were wanting, but can see that you have previously been sent a deadlock letter to take to the Ombudsman so were you able to raise it with them?

– Meg :bulb: