Not enough coverage!

We know that you are out of signal…

The ‘First Signal’ was the Guy who installed meter. ‘Such a rural area… Take 48 hours… Can be problem with signal…’

Its a bulshit like many others. Mount. Take the money. See next.

IN Eastern Europe we call this ‘propaganda’ - buy a product now and see effect tomorrow.

That’s a smart meter. Not enough coverage becouse who make them and who sell them…

You need signal for them but here is a problem. There is not signal for you. You have competition. Who take less for network to maximise profits.

So… we have areas not covered by the signal but they sell this shit.
Mount smart meter it’s a must do for Bulb, for x, for y, for whatever name.

Nothing related with bulb. This business is above them.
It’s a national bulshit with hopes of better.

My next estimate (from company) is 6 mounts to sort out.

I’m out of signal obviously.

I have invitation to read the meter manual.

Propaganda. Take the money. Solve later.

P. S. Why its so hard to have a map of signal coverage?.. But who cares? This is a business of millions of units to be sell. Sorry. To contribute global fighting against global worming. Aka we are hosting this Circus soon look what we’ve done.

Calm down!

The tech should have tested for GPRS signal before installing the smart meter.

I got mine installed 3 days ago and there is an option to use WiFi instead, can you not use this?

My tech was in a hurry as he had to pick his kids up from school, the gas meter works ok, but the electricity meter just sits there flashing all lights briefly, but not showing on my IHD6, so I don’t know if he even bothered to check the GPRS signal at all…