Not even switched yet and told prices going up!


My switch to bulb has not even completed yet, 8 days to go. Yet I have already been told that the monthly payment will be 20% higher than originally stated, and that the prices are going up soon!

I seriously need convincing not to cancel this! I may as well stay with my present provider if these changes happen!

Seriously miffed

Julie Masters

Hi Julie @jpjohansen,

The 20% winter increase is optional. I’d be very happy to remove it for you. We recommend it and it’s applied by default as people generally use 20% more energy during winter. Since people joining us during winter don’t have a credit buffer on their accounts, this helps prevent getting a surprising bill at the end of winter.

Would you like me to remove it?

I’m sorry the timing of the price increase was so unlucky for you. We did it for everyone at the same time, so people who had joined recently had a slightly rougher time. As soon as wholesale prices come down again, we’ll be quick to drop our prices. We dropped them 5 times last year, which hopefully shows that we mean it when we say we’ll drop them again as soon as we can.

All the best,

Hi Will and thank you for your response.

Yes please remove the 20% winter increase. I will send regular meter readings to ensure I keep on top of my bills.

Many thanks


All sorted Julie. You’ll stay at the lower amount from now onwards.

All the best,