Not fit for purpose

It is clear they have underestimated the smart meter roll out and they cannot handle the volume of complaints -

My issue was initially quite simple. The installation man did not turn the gas valve back on at the meter.

So when it came to a shower that evening complete chaos wondering what the problem was and spending an hour on the phone figuring what in the end was quite simple. However I was infuriated when Siemens said they had photographs to show they had done it properly. I assume I must be a liar then??
An apology and a £10 good will gesture would have sufficed. But now I’m leaving and taking my dads account with me too…we’ll i thought I was leaving. They turned down the new provider and declined to allow me to leave. When I rang… again… they could not explain why they had declined the switch other than they had…multiple complaints completely ignored.

Wow. Avoid at all costs. All nice ‘cheeky chappy’ narrative on the website and app but seriously avoid.

I too will go to the regulator. Scum company

I agree. My experience with Bulb smart meter was terrible. Bulb customer service are terrible.