Not getting statements

I haven’t had a statement since July, when I had a “smart” meter installed. My account now appears to be massively in credit, even though it’s winter, when it’s normal to drift in the opposite direction.
It looks like Bulb are getting electricity readings from the meter, and I’m dutifully submitting gas meter readings each month, as the “smart” meter still isn’t connecting to the gas meter. But evidently their billing system isn’t getting the message.
This whole “smart” meter affair is a major disappointment. I’d been led to expect that it would help me to be more in control of my energy spending, but the exact opposite is the case.
Bulb are almost impossible to contact. Maybe I would get their attention if I was to stop my direct debit.

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I wouldn’t stop it completely since you’re obliged to pay each month, but you could certainly reduce your monthly payment down to the minimum £5 to stop the balance going up much more until Bulb get their act together regarding billing.

It’s a little worrying that it’s taken you six months to realise you haven’t had a monthly statement. I’d have thought you’d have queried this after one missing statement, not six.

I was fully aware that I hadn’t been getting statements. I’ve been contacting them regularly, and they’ve always assured me they will fix it, but as yet they never have.
Someone called me back today, and was most apologetic, promised to get me a consolidated statement, restore monthly statements, and raise a complaint from which I might get some compensation. But there’s no outlook for getting the gas meter connected to the “smart” meter.
I don’t blame Bulb (except for poor communication). I blame the government and OFGEM for an over-hasty roll-out of what is evidently immature and unproven technology.

Ok. Sorry I didn’t realise you were just blogging and not asking a question.

I agree most of the fault lies with the management of the rollout, which is outside of the control of any one supplier. However, things are improving on that front and it seems a lot of people are in your position, where the meter infrastructure is working and Bulb are getting the readings successfully (albeit only electric) and yet they are unable to reliably bill based on the data. At this point it is 100% Bulb that are at fault, everything else in the stack has worked.