Not good experience since switching

Since joining Bulb Energy, I have had nothing but difficulty in trying to persuade the on-line agent that I cannot provide the 2 meter readings that they are asking for. My meter only gives me 1 reading. After many emails to and fro and having no satisfaction from the agent, i asked that my problem by passed to her line manager, that was the last I heard from Bulb. Bulb has now estimated my energy consumption but this cannot continue especially if I am using more than their estimates and I am left with a large catch-up bill at some point in the future. I am going to write to Mr. Amit Gudka the co-founder and Mr. Matthew Trott the C.T.O. to see if they can resolve this meter reading problem because it seems the agents I have been dealing with cannot and the line manager has not been in touch.

I think the attitude is, if we ignore them they will give up.