Not Happy Customer

was previously with EON on economy 7, about 4 years ago once the children had moved out EON advised us to move to 1 rate as we no longer used enough electricity overnight.
Have now switched to bulb and they have put us on Economy7 rate costing £10 a month MORE than their standard tariff.
We did not ask for economy 7 we do not want economy 7 now bulb are saying we have to have it

Do you have a 2 rate meter?

we have a digital meter where I have to press a button to cycle round the 3 readings

EOn are able to charge the same rate for both day and night, meaning they were able to take you off Economy 7 without replacing your 2-rate meter.

For whatever reason, Bulb are not able to do this. Since you have a 2-rate meter you have to have Economy 7. I don’t know why, but that’s the rule with Bulb.

You’ll either have to get your meter changed for a single rate meter (at either a cost of £120 or free if you accept a smart meter) or you’ll have to switch to another provider.

So why did bulb not tell us this before we switched

Because they wouldn’t have known. The national meter database says you have an Economy 7 meter and that’s all they see. There’s no way for them to know you have an “unusual” setup with your existing supplier.

This has come up a few times on this forum. I think it’s always been EOn that have done this. I don’t think any other supplier offers to charge single rate tariff for both rates on a multi-rate meter. It’s something to do with the supplier getting billed for multi-rate because that’s what is registered on the national meter database. EOn must be happy to just accept the loss. I’m sure someone else on here will correct me if they know of any other supplier that has done the same as EOn.

You said you have 3 meter readings. What’s the 3rd rate?

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The meter has 3 readings
day usage
night usage
total usage

Ok, that’s a 2-rate meter as expected. The “total” isn’t a rate by itself.

So your issue is as above. You have a two rate meter and therefore require a two rate tariff, unless your chosen supplier is willing to bill both rates at the same tariff and front the loss themselves against they are charged based on your meter type. Bulb don’t do this, so you either need a meter swap or switch back to a supplier that does what you want.