Not having monthly bills

Can anyone please help? Since I had a smart meter fitted, my readings have not only been estimated but I also haven’t had a bill since end of July. My payments have been going into the account, and I’ve had reminders to provide a meter reading, but no bill. So I’m not really sure how much I’m using each month. Smart meter is useless and frequently doesn’t show electric usage.

I don’t know how else to get this question answered. I’ve emailed to no response, when I try chat it just says they’re busy and no option to type my question and I’ve held for ages on phone and no answer. Really dissatisfied with the service since we’ve had the smart meter.

Same. No statement since July and no help despite requesting multiple times.

I’d think about leaving but probably wouldn’t get an accurate final bill.

You should still have the facility to submit manual readings via your online account dashboard. Do that next time they’re requested (just before your statement date) and the actual readings will be used to bring your account right up to date.

Thanks but have done all that. My accurate readings appear but they’re followed by estimated ones later as my smart meter doesn’t seem to work despite the display often seeming to function. And even though I add accurate readings regularly through month, I’ve still not had a bill.

Was hoping this had happened to someone else who had a solution

There is a huge issue with new smart meter installations and the ability of Bulb (and other suppliers) to read them. Thousands of Bulb customers are experiencing this.

Until all is fixed the best you can do is submit manual readings at the requested time and these will be used in your bills. Submitting readings mid month doesn’t generate a new bill and doesn’t do anything other than make your next estimate more accurate.

Forgot to say - what your in-home display says may or may not bear any resemblance to the information your actual Bulb account gets (or doesn’t get) from the smart meters. I’ve switched mine off and stuck it in a drawer for now.

Have done that several times over the last few months (after they finally reinstate my ability to submit manual readings, that was removed when they put the smart meters in)

Unfortunately despite submitting them when requested (and additional ones) they haven’t been used to calculate my bill/statement. I’ve not received any statements since July. :confused:

They keep estimating meter readings, plus my manual readings appear, and even occasionally a smart meter reading. but then they don’t send me a statement. Just keep taking the direct debit but not telling me how much I’ve actually spent.

The information your display gets is read directly from your meters … the only differences should be your standing charge or if the IHD isn’t connected to one of the meters.

I to have not had a bill since the smart meters were installed. Bulb are receiving data as the readings appear on my app. Not sure why no bills!! Tried emailing bulb but no reply, bad customer service as a reply to say something would be nice.