Not impressed so far

Switched to Bulb 6 weeks ago and alongside my monthly direct debit I threw in a top up of £25…That was on 22/8/20…It’s been taken out of my bank account but still shows as ‘pending’ on my dashboard, not in my balance!
Emailed twice…no response.
Gave up with the phone after nearly half hour of listening to shit music.
Is it always like this?

No it isn’t. When calling, use the call back option. I believe its option 1 when your first call. There email is absolutely useless, can agree there.

Hi @footballpunter

Welcome the the Bulb community! Big fan of the display name (pun intended :soccer: )

When we take direct debit payments, there’s a verification stage when the money has left your account, but hasn’t reached us yet. That is why it will display as pending for a few additional days even after it has left your account. I hope this clears things up :ok_hand:

Cheers my friend…it’s all ok now.
Thanks for responding.

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