Not so pretty in Pink

I’ve just received a statement from bulb and like most people I like to print a hard copy fo my own records and as I not willing to pay £30 or more for a colour ink cartridge every month or so I opt to print it in black and white.

The problem with that is that anything pink on the statement is almost or completely illegible. I don’t have a cheap n nasty printer so no sarcastic comments about that thank you.

Please change all the text colour to black.

Should have bought an Epson buy 50 colour cartridges on Amazon for £30

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I agree they should make sure that statements can be printed in grey-scale legibly. @William_at_Bulb maybe this is something you could pass along?

Though I would suggest making sure you’ve run a head-cleaning and set the grey scale to not print in ‘draft’ mode if your printer does so. Ours does and often light text, which can be printed perfectly fine, becomes impossible to read.

Please don’t buy an Epson, we’ve got one and while £30 for cartridges is better than the high street it’s still day-light robbery and they never last. Most Epson’s I’ve used, also refuse to print grey-scale, if any colour is empty/missing.

Honestly, I would have bought a laser printer by now. But I can’t really remember the last time I printed anything since finishing my studies.

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I’ve noticed many new printers have a new refillable tank. They are on the expensive side like most new technology but I wonder if that’s consumer pressure on ink cartridge prices or the manufacturers finally having a conscience.

Lol I’m kidding they don’t have a conscience.

Most people?
If it’s on the hard disk or SSD, and there’s a backup, why print it?
Leave it on the disk and help save a tree. :wink:
Isn’t that part of what having a paperless online energy account is all about?


Thanks Greta Thunberg :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:but I’ve never had a paper copy crash on me or become corrupt and stop working.

That’s why I backup to a NAS as well as OneDrive for all our important data.

I’ve read that these are not particularly good. There are alternatives like HP Ink on demand but honestly I think it’s also pretty terrible, as you pay per page. Laser is the only economical and slightly environmentally better alternative.


I have an Epson and it prints grey-scale

I use photoshop but I am sure other programmes do similar
I done a screen shot of my bill and using saturation took the colour out of it so just black & white.
It was perfectly legible when printed, I am using a 10 year old B&W laser.


Good idea, didn’t think of that.

Thanks :+1:

I keep a copy of the monthly PDF but for comparing I log my monthly bills on a spreadsheet, worth thinking about, mine goes back 5 years and also does a monthly forecast for me and average fiqures for each month. I just log my weekly readings although monthly would suffice.
It only takes seconds to log it and it works it all out for me.
It means I can instantly compare to the same months each year.


What do you want a hard copy for? I just dump mine in the cloud - they are then accessible from anywhere if I ever want to refer to them, which I dont!

ps. If you buy one of the HP printers with “Instant Ink” then you pay a fixed monthly “rent” for ink and if you choose the lowest use plan then it is free for up to 15 pages per month and £1 for each 10 pages above that (so for me it has cost £0.00 over the last few years, despite printing lots of full colour A4 photos for framing - which is pretty much all I use it for).

Not sure where I have been living - but I’ve never heard of this before now. That would work out great for me - I print far fewer than 15 pages per month and the compatible printers are not expensive - necessarily! Now just got to get shot of my Stag cartridges for the Epson :grinning:. Thanks. R-

Instant ink…

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Thanks, @scudo - that was a search I did to see how much the printers themselves might cost, expecting it to be massive. There must be a negative revenue impact for HP I’d have thought. R-

There’s a option to print in black and white whenever you print via the browser.