Not So Smart Meter

I’ve had my smart meter since June, occasionally it displays the actual current data for elec and gas, however for 98% of the time, it displays “Waiting for current data”
When I scroll through the various screens, it tells me:

  • HOME - Waiting for current data.
  • NOW - 494W cost now per hour (£0.06) (I think this is elec only).
  • ELEG/GAS - Elec “Waiting for current data”/Gas all data visible.
  • CALENDAR - Elec Waiting for current data, Gas - all data visible.

It has never worked properly and is pretty useless. I’m thinking of binning it.

Does the signal bar have low or high connection? If it is getting data every now and then I would assume the setup is correct, could just be the IHU is too far away from the comms hub.

It’s showing three bars so the signal isn’t an issue, it just does not work. Since I powered it down and left it for an hour and powered up and left it overnight, it now shown no gas or elec data at all, but still has a strong signal.