Not So Smart Metering

2 years and counting to get my meter working again at your end (it worked for a month!)…any dates (estimates below are vague measured in terms of years…) when SMETS migration happens ?

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I’m a member of the smart team and I’ve had a look into your account and communications history.

I can see that you have SMETS1 meters that operate on the ‘CGI’ network. We previously had a contract with CGI meaning that we could communicate with all smart meters on that network, although this contract expired on 03/04/2020. We had sent an email about this in February of this year. The reason for this is that all SMETS1 meters are currently being migrated across to the SMETS2 network, meaning that we’ll soon be able to read your meter via the SMETS2 network.

Apologies that from the previous threads you were informed that we can currently read your meter and for this miscommunication, we’ve added a £10 goodwill credit to your account.

In the meantime, we’ll need manual readings until your meter is migrated to the new network. This work is being done over the next year and we’ll let you know once we can read your meter again.

Apologies once more and please let me know if you have any further questions.

Hi @edinburgh,

Welcome to Community! Unfortunately, your meter isn’t on the smart network just yet. We’ve had our first lot of Secure smart meter connections recently, and this has certainly got the ball rolling. We’ll be sure to let you know when we’re able to access your meter.


Hi Guys,

Last chance…will my Smart meter start working in the next 30 days ( I have waited over a year for this meter to become smart…today it’s sucking power without working)?

If not…I am off…just another customer hey ho.

Hello @edinburgh,

Thank you for getting in touch and I am sorry to hear we still cannot communicate with your meter.

We appreciate that you have waited a long time for us to be able to reconnect with your meters. You have first generation smart meters and up until recently, these were only smart with the supplier who installed them.

We’ve been working on upgrading all of these meters so that we can start communicating with them. This will be happening over the first half of 2021 and you’ll receive an email letting you know when we’ve been able to turn your meters smart again.

I cannot confirm that we will be able to connect with your smart meter within the 30 days, but as soon as we have more information regarding this, you will be the first to be notified.

Many thanks

You apparently cannot connect with second generation meters either! I have the 2nd generation meter, I am showing as £236 in credit (will be £286 on Monday) as you are not issuing invoices? Yet you ‘suggest’ I increase my payments? Maybe time to cancel the DD, then use up my credit and then switch to a company that knows what they’re doing. It’s becoming a joke being with Bulb.

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Hey @MikeP58 :relaxed:

We are connected to your smart meters and receiving readings from them- you can see this in the Bulb account as well. They come through as ‘Reads.’

The issue on your account is one we are experiencing with producing statements for a handful of members with smart meters currently. I can see my colleague Jack managed to explain this over email to you as well.

I can’t see that we’ve asked to increase your payments? At the moment it’s set to £50 and won’t be reviewed until the statements come through. Sorry about that! We are working on a fix for you, and as soon as that’s done you’ll get them out automatically.