Not so Smart Meters

Since having smart meters installed 3 months ago, not only has the IHD never worked properly but also I have not been charged anything for gas or electricity. Before smart meters, I religiously submitted meter readings on the same day each month and everything worked brilliantly. Now, after numerous reports to Bulb about my problems nothing has been resolved. Sadly I think I am going to move to another provider.

You could submit manual readings to Bulb, which would allow them to generate a statement/bill for you.

I had no bill/statement for 4 months until the gas smart meter was properly commissioned by them (on my 4th time of asking). Of note, today I’ve started to see daily readings from both electricity and gas appearing in my online energy usage page a month after being told they were going to change to daily readings to resolve my smart meter reading issue.

Hmm. My “smart” meters were fitted at the start of June. It’s now nearly the end of July.

The IHD works maybe 20% of the time.

I’ve had a closing electricity reading from the old meter, but not a closing gas one. That worries me.

Other than that, no updates on my account. Other than a suggestion that I pay less per month which runs contrary to the suggestion 5 months ago that I pay more per month.

The whole smart meter issue has changed my opinion of Bulb. It’s been badly handled and the customer experience delivered has, quite frankly sucked. Smacks of insufficient time in testing and a rushed roll out.

Totally agree, I really rated Bulb until they offered me smart meters. Now??

The whole smart meter issue has changed my opinion of Bulb.
Just my take on it having read reviews with other suppliers. Is it not a case of you rated smart meters until you found out they are not that smart.

The government has been pushing this agenda and made a mess of it. Even the marketing of it was a load of B…cks… the massive savings we were all going to make is now down to less than £11 a year.


I think there are two issues here:

  • the first issue is how much “Smart” meters are going to change behaviours and lead to less energy consumption, and whether the cost / benefit analysis stacks up. That is nothing to do with Bulb…

  • the second issue is how “Smart” meters benefit the consumer; the benefit being that there’s no more submission of meter readings, estimated bills, we only pay for what we use, and can see what that consumption is pretty much “real time”.

Now, that second issue is in Bulb’s hands. Any proper roll-out, with proper testing, would have identified the issues that Bulb customers are reporting. Testing worse case scenarios - people living out of mobile phone reception in stone-walled cottages, not just best case. Testing for a minimum of six months, then starting a very gradual phased roll out. Having a back-out plan if it went Pete Tong. This is “Project Management #101” - you plan for the worst, not hope for the best.

Bulb is meant to have the ethos of putting customers first, not the government. They could / should have kicked back at any external pressures…informed their customers, i.e. those people AFFECTED by this botched roll out, of those pressures. Got us to write to our MPs and support Bulb’s position.

Instead, they’ve become like every other large supplier of anything. The customer appears to come last, promises about dates are made which are broken, a new innovative service becomes like every other service. “Meet the new boss…same as the old boss” as the Who sang.

So, the concept of “customer advocacy” which is what their business model has been built on, has for me and I’m sure many others been broken by the Smart Meter fiasco; and that was under their control. I’m no longer a fan, I’m back to being a rate tart, and as soon as I think some other provider will better meet my needs, I’m off. Not where I wanted to be, but it could and should have been avoided by better management, testing, and customer comms.