Not So Very Smart Meter

I have been with Bulb for over 2 years now, and in all that time my Smart meter has not been readable by Bulb. There doesn’t seem to be any change soon.
So, can I have a meter change to the analog-style with the old-style readout?
If not Why Not.

Hi @brianellison1, welcome to our community! :bulb:

So I am assuming with your post that you have a SMETS1 meter. SMETS1 meters are the first generation of smart meters. Unfortunately when you switch supplier, they lose their smart capabilities, including your in home-display (IHD). This is because they have a SIM card in them which can only be read by the supplier who installed them (similar to your phone, which can be locked to a network).

However, there is a big programme ongoing at the moment by the DCC (the central company in charge of the whole smart network), who are going to enroll all the SMETS1 meters onto the new smart network. This will be done at the end of 2020, or during 2021. They have already been able to bring a small section of SMETS1 meters online now, so progress is happening.

We cannot install you a traditional meter for 2 reasons: firstly, Ofgem charge us for taking any sort of smart meter off the wall, first and second generation. This is because they will regain their smart capabilities in the near future so it would be a backwards step. Secondly, your SMETS1 meter can still be read as a traditional meter, so there will be no point in removing it and replacing it. If you are struggling to read your meter, we have a handy guide for you.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

So I have a new smart meter IHD6 and it just restarts all the time, hasn’t worked for over 2 months now, how do you reset them ?

Hi @laxmad00,

This is a good question. An IHD that restarts itself all the time signals to us that it is a very specific issue, usually that your Communications hub (the device that sits above the electricity meter) has dropped off the smart network and is unable to communicate with your IHD, and with us.

So we need to get the DCC to restart the connection to your comms hub. The DCC are the company in charge of the whole mart network for the UK. This can take them up to a month, as they do whole areas in batches (it can be a lot quicker because if this, it just depends where you live and when they reset the devices in your area). I have just requested this now, so please leave the IHD turned on and in close proximity to your electricity meter, it should start working again within a month.

How often does it reset?

Ok, my meter is a SMETS1 SECURE and I would like to use the wirless unit that you can monitor your usage with.
Is there any time scale when I’m likly to be able to use this system again as I see Octopus can set it up if and when I switch to them.

Hi @brianellison1

As you’ve got a SMETS1 meter your IHD would only show the correct data with the supplier that installed the meter. Unfortunately we’re unable to provide you with a IHD until we’ve migrated your SMETS1 meter on to the centralised DCC network.

We don’t have an exact time frame right now but the goal is for all SMETS1 meters to be integrated by the end of 2020. As Sam explained, there have already been some meters have have moved across so we’re moving in the right direction.

We have this exact same problem- IHD constantly restarting itself and not connecting. Please can you arrange for it to be fixed?

Snap. Last year the IHD kept rebooting. After chasing Bulb a lot and months later it started working (gas and electric) - and some weeks after that they emailed to let me know it had been fixed. Thanks for that.
Last December, same problem again. Chased Bulb and gas started showing on the IHD and the Online Usage charts but electric seems to have dropped off the system completely. I’ve contacted Bulb several times via the chat which is always an unhelpful process. Words like “will pass this on to smart team” are mentioned. If there’s a known problem with the Smart meter system, tell me that. Don’t pretend some reboot signal will fix it. I’ve only discovered this Community forum today and from I’ve read, the smart system is in a right mess. I work in IT and appreciate new tech and upgrades can be challenging. But come on Bulb, just be clear and honest about it. Stop with the “wait 48 hours and see what happens”. Does that ever work?! I get the gist that if it’s not working and the “remote reset” doesn’t work, we’re all part of a wider system issue which perhaps one day will be fixed and suddenly everything will start work. I don’t think we need to bother the ChatBots in the meantime. We’ll see.
By the way, why is Bulb the only business in the world with a Service Desk that cannot log a case and provide a ref number and auto-email this. Each time we contact them we have to start from scratch.

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I’ve had a smart meter 2nd gen for around 2 years but no IHD, what’s the point? I keep asking for one but get nowhere. I still have to submit readings to avoid estimations and can’t see my energy usages to be able to better control my budget.