Not submitting gas reading


I’m trying to submit my gas meter reading but it’s coming up as not what they expected. When I try and click submit anyway it’s just spinning (the loading gif) and not doing anything. Anyone had this and have a fix? Just moved to bulb and need to submit my first readings but this is stopping me as it won’t let me!

Thanks in advance

Hi @JoeMitchell ,

How are you submitting these readings - via the website, via the Android app or via the iPhone app?

It might be hitting a problem if your old supplier has (for some reason) said your ‘closing meter reading’ (i.e. Bulb’s opening read) is higher than the one you are currently supplying - or there could just be a technical issue. I’d advise dropping Bulb an email on or use their live chat or phone on and I’m sure they’ll be able to fix things for you.