Not sure who I paid?

Hi everyone, I have just joined Bulb. Their is a prepayment meter fitted to my flat.
I received my key and waited for the last credit, to run down to a couple of quid. Having put the key in and waited over a minute, the couple of quid did not wipe off. I thought, perhaps it will go when I top-up. I put £10 on the key and inserted the key. Now I am £12 in credit. I do not know, if the credit went Bulb or the previous supplier. can anyone help?

Credit wiped off? Does that happen with prepay meters?

Cheak the unit rate on the meter, if it matches bulbs, its been successfully reprogrammed, if not, I’d contact bulb, or wait for them to contact you here.

hi izzyhunt, thanks for the info. It helps!

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Hi @stevenbarclay73

Welcome to Bulb! Glad to hear you’ve made the switch.

Dependent on the model of the meter some can’t be reset, which is why registering the key doesn’t impact the credit amount. Rest assured the top-up will still have been paid to ourselves, and not the previous supplier.

It is worth double checking the tariff screen on the meter and making sure it matches what you should be one with us. If not, just give us a call on 0300 303 0635 or email and we’ll be able to get it sorted for you :zap: :bulb: