Not the same Bulb anymore

I’ve been with bulb for three years and it’s not like it used to be. I would contact the customer service and they’d adjust my DD for gas accordingly and logically. Used to be helpful and easy.
I contacted them about three weeks ago and was told I can’t change my DD from 72 to 30 (usage is now around 30 with 70 accumulated on my account). Told 68 is lowest they can go despite having over 2 months accumulated so they will change to variable DD (whatever I use a month) and issue a refund within 5 days. So it’s like they don’t trust me even though account is always positive and DD payment going smoothly every month.Almost three weeks now and no refund and can’t contact on chat as they are either too busy or not there! Shame too as they were a ‘nice’ company.

For several months, since they fell into Administration they’ve been owned by the UK Government

Staff were retained apparently but they’re now overseen by the government so yes there’s a good chance that ‘efficiency’ (cost cutting and quality of service at a personal level) has replaced any ‘nice’ personal touches Bulb used to have

Bulb are now using a call centre in South Africa to save money, or maybe one of the administrators has a financial interest in the call centre, who knows, but their level of English is pretty poor. :-1:t2:

I agree since Bill fell in to administration customer service has not been the same.
I cant comment on there call centre as never used them but there help service on the Bulb community has gone downhill a little.


An update. So after three weeks and no refund, I contacted Bulb again to be told that first time nothing was done to my account. Chat person will raise a complaint against the first chat person and sort it out. So its been a week now, and just got an email that my DD is 68 with money to come out in a couple of days. So basically they’ve become scammers at this point. Maybe they have go tell people one thing and not actually do refunds or change account settings as they are not allowed?

I have emailed twice to ask why I cannot pay the amount I owe at the month end as I am on a smart meter so they know exactly how much I have uesd,but seems to fall on deaf ears.I have reduced my contibution as I am £500 in credit.I cannot see where I can apply for a refund.Maybe reduce the contribution below what I am using and then pay the balance which they’ll be prety quick to inform me of or go somewhere else.

Loads of customers have switched to variable direct debit. As you say, you’ll then only pay for what you’ve used. Any credit can either be repaid or used towards your bills until exhausted.

Try the help line to request this or, hopefully, one of the staff will see your post.

Hi @Riley100 :wave:

Would you prefer it if we moved you on to a variable direct debit? We could then either refund you the amount in your account or use the balance towards your next couple of bills Let me know you think about this :point_down:


Jenny :star:

Yes please put me onto a variable account and use my credit until used up,
Paul Farnell.