Not using gas but being charged for it

I am being charged for gas which is not used I have been emailing bulb speaking to Kelly this as being going on for nearly 2 months I have stopped my direct debit until you stop charging me for something I’m not using now you tell me you have charged me an admin fee £15 which I don’t agree with as I have been in touch to try and get this resolved really am getting fed up with this now the smart meter that’s not so smart I think
the gas was capped when you put smart meter in as we only had a gas fire which was never used
I will pay my bill but not paying for gas

Hi, I believe you have to pay the standing charge even if you don`t use any gas.

This is the current Bulb tariff, you can find it in your Bulb online account:

Unit rate
7.37p per kWh
Standing charge
27.22p per day

Unit rate
27.86p per kWh
Standing charge
48.13p per day

It’s not the the standing charge I have the problem with but we are still being charged for gas usage even though this was capped off in December

Why don’t you manually upload a gas reading similar to the one given when it was capped?

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That will be the 6th time I will have sent you a reading and nothings been done

For your readings to be used for your bill, you need to submit them 2/3 days before the bill date. Otherwise, Bulb will ignore them and use estimates.

By the way, I’m a customer, like you. I’m not Bulb :slight_smile:

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Sorry anton I’ve been in contact with that many people lost track ha ha ha

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