Not very Smart?

I have a Smart Meters why can’t Bulb or my previous supplier provide the switch over reading?
I have tried to read my electric meter (even video’d it) but do not know which reading is day or night!
R01 0000098.0 R02 0000360.8

My gas meter has 2 numbers 00279, 6025 m3 Is the comma a decimal place and if not which is the correct reading?

Pls help

Hi Petef, your R1 is your day and R2 is night, the gas reading is 279. I have added these readings to your account

For now, we are not able to remotely read your smart meter. You need to read the meter manually and submit the readings in our online portal. This is because the smart meter installed in your home is first-generation and unfortunately each different make of first-generation meter requires a different piece of software to communicate with it.

If you have any other problems reading your meters our help article may help.