Nothing but issues with Bulb

Anyone ever get a resolution from

Smart meter installed in July - still doesn’t work correctly.

No IHD display
No usage graphs on the app
Correction statements for the past 2 months
No customer service support from this company
Bills have increased but cannot see my spend

I’ve had nothing but issues since swapping to smart meter. The IHD has never worked, signal is 2 bars and showing the time and says connected. Reset hasn’t worked and judging by this community I’m not the only one having issues.

I was advised to swap to half hourly reads on the app but since doing this I get a constant error message saying “we’re having trouble changing your smart meter readings” bulb seem as useless as the smart meter when trying to get this resolved.

No one gets back to me, or seems to know what the issue is. Luckily the meter is a SMET 2 so I will be changing supplier at the earliest opportunity.

Anyone else having smart meter issues and any suggestions how to fix them? I’ve tried the chat, just get told they will look into it.


Ombudsman - lodge a formal complaint to Bulb stating Deadlock.

That’s the only way you will get a response from these incompetent bunch.

Hi @rymo, and thanks for joining Bulb community.

I can see that we are getting smart meter readings through for your meter and also that your smart meter reading interval is set to half-hourly, as you requested.

Looking at my system, it is suggesting that the connection strength between the comms hub (the box that sits on top of the electricity meter) and the In-Home Display is poor, which may cause your IHD to drops out. To try and increase this, we recommend that the IHD is within 5 meters of the electricity meter and the area in between them is free of obstacles, such as thick walls, in order to improve this connection.

@Lou_at_Bulb you are telling me the same as the chat agents but it’s not resolving the issue.

My IHD cannot get any closer to the metre, I have 2 bars and that’s the best I can do.

You might be getting half hourly reads but I aren’t getting the benefit or any visibility from your app. I’ve had this error message since day one and no one at bulb seems to want to resolve it. Instead, you keep telling me that you are getting half hourly reads.

I want to see my usage in the bulb app. What do I need to do to get it fixed!

Hi @rymo, are the usage graphs showing for any level of the account (day, week or month) on the app? I only ask because I can see in your Bulb account on the website that we are getting monthly usage graphs for you generated.

I am querying your half-hourly readings with our Smart team, but I would advise checking that you have the most recent version of the Bulb app, and trying logging out and logging back into the app too, just to see if this helps.

@Lou_at_Bulb I get the same error message on day, week and month view. I’ve logged out the app and back in, I’ve deleted it and reinstalled it but still the same message appears.

The energy usage on the website hasn’t updated since July. Julys bar is green and shows energy used. Aug, sep and so on are all grey which is projected use so I don’t think the website is working either.

Hi @rymo, I’ve just taken a look at your usage graphs on your Bulb account on the website just now, and I can see daily usage graphs from 12 September onwards. Are you also able to see this on the website, and on the app too?

@Lou_at_Bulb yes thank you they have finally started to appear.

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