Nothing changes

I thought I had found a utilities co that wasn’t complicated. Unfortunately, as with all previous utility companies, low prices are promised at the start but they always manage to find away of doubling the bill. The heating has been switched off for the whole of June but according to our latest bill we have used an extra £100 more than previous months. Can’t speak to anyone because they have gone off duty for the weekend, but no doubt when I do get to speak to someone on Monday I will be given a load of confusing waffle as to why I have to pay more when I’m not using electricity than I do when I do use it more. They are all the same, none of them can be trusted

What is your kWh usage compared to previous months?

Hi there. I can see that one of my colleagues has addressed your concerns over email. Please have a look at your inbox if you haven’t already, and please get in touch if you have any other concerns or questions!