Notification preferences

Safari on Mac: I don’t appear to be notified when someone replies to a post of mine. I’m not sure what the preferences should look like: the options are all clickable (forefinger mouse pointer appears) but nothing changes when I do. I attach a screen grab.

Hi @wilmow, We made some changes to the community last week to fix some other bugs, so it looks like some functionality was lost. Sorry about that. I’ll look into how we can get that functionality back.

I see that the notification functionality is still broken. It makes contributing to the community a bit of a lost cause, as I’m not going to keep visiting the page to see if I have a response to my posts! Are you sure it’s broken, or is it browser related?

Hi @willmow,

Sorry for taking ages to deal with this for you. It’s really not good enough. I’ve managed to track it down to a dodgy bit of CSS since we made some changes to the community a few weeks ago. I’ve turned on a few notification preferences for you manually in the backend and I’ve opened a ticket to get it fixed permanently too.

Sorry again,

I was wondering why my backend was feeling rather sore.
Please don’t fret (unless you’re a guitarist…)/