Now installing smart 5 terminal meters

We have some great news, if you have storage or immersion heaters we are now able to install smart meters. :raised_hands:

You’ll be able to book the installation in your Bulb account.

The meter will follow the same configuration as your current agreement. If you have peak and off peak rates the hours will be confirmed on the booking form.

I’m afraid pay-as-you-go 5 terminal bookings are still in the pipeline, so pay-as-you-go members will still be asked if you have storage/immersion heaters when trying to book. We’ll send out an update when these are ready.

Any questions let us know.


Just a suggestion but you might want to make it clear that not everybody with storage heaters will be able to make use of off-peak rates, depending on their meter set-up.

Hi @norman7115 :wave:

You’re absolutely right there, thank you for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve updated the post so hopefully that makes things a bit clearer!

All the best,

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As in pay as you go or something else?

Something else. I was referring to those with storage heaters with more than 8.5 hours of off-peak hours on their meters, who were previously on tariffs with their previous supplier such as Economy 10 or Scottish Power Comfort Plus White Meter. On switching to Bulb they’re charged the single rate tariff for their storage heaters and these 5-terminal smart meters aren’t suitable.

Exactly @norman7115 Thanks for the explanation.

Have you experienced any of the above? And if so - is there anything you think we can do to make people more aware of this?

@karlos321 pay-as-you-go 5 terminal bookings are still in the pipeline - is this something you are interested in? If it is just Smart PAYG you are interested in - you can find out more here.

–Daisy :bulb:

@Daisy_at_Bulb I don’t want to digress from the topic of this thread, but in the instances I mentioned, as far as I can see, there is no guidance available as to whether it’s possible to switch to Bulb with such meters and what the resulting tariffs would be. There is a help article entitled “If you have related meters” but there’s no guidance on actually switching with such meters and you’d probably only find the article if you knew the term ‘related meters’, which most people don’t.

If you search the community for “Comfort Plus” you’ll find plenty asking the question. I’ve posted my experience of switching my parents to Bulb from this tariff (it was a slog) but generally speaking it’s a topic I’ve found that most Bulb staff aren’t familiar with.

Thanks @norman7115 , this is good feedback and I’ll make sure we act on it and update our Help Center material around related meters (and E10s in particular which I personally have seen some questions about).

I think this is the article you currently mention which could be a bit more searchable and all encompassing:

I’ve raised a ticket about this and will report back when it’s up to date.

To bring the conversation back to the fact we now install smart 5T meters, this will apply to all those who are on E7 day and night rates.

As we don’t have an E10 tariff with multiple off and on peak, whatever tariff you’re currently on (single or E7) should apply to what you’d be with smart. Hopefully that’s more helpful than confusing!

Hi Norman,

We’ve now updated the help centre article to make it more searchable and give a better understanding of what they are:

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Hi @Oisin_at_Bulb

That’s a great explanation which will be helpful to many. One thing you might want to consider is adding the term “Scottish Power Comfort Plus White Meter” or similar to the article, so it comes up when someone searches for it. Most people won’t know the term “related meters” so are unlikely to search for it.

Also, when I switched my parents to Bulb (from the above supplier and tariff), there wasn’t any mechanism for dealing with the second MPAN as part of the application, so it had to be added manually. I don’t know if the application process has since been updated to cater for this, but if not, it’s maybe worth mentioning or explaining somewhere.

Hi @norman7115 :wave:

Thanks for that great feedback on both the help article and the sign up process for related MPANs.

We’ve passed on the feedback about the help article to our content team.

With regard to the related MPAN sign up, there is still a manual sign up process for some MPANs. Most MPANs get signed up at the same time, but sadly this doesn’t always happen automatically (which is when the second MPAN needs to be added). I appreciate that this isn’t too user friendly, as there’s an extra step, but we catch most related MPANs during the sign up period.

At Bulb, we’re always trying to improve processes such as the ones that you’ve mentioned and I do appreciate that it can sometimes take a while. However, great feedback like that helps us to improve how we run things.

Any other suggestions, please do let us know :relaxed:

Take care,

Niamh :bulb:

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At present I have 2 meters which give 3 readings. One meter is solely for overnight heat storage for hot water. The other gives day and night readings. Nearly half my electric usage goes on the storage ,but I do not pay the lowest rate for this. Would I be better off changing to an economy 7 meter? Or another plan is maybe scrap water heating system and go for instant water heater and single rate tariff?? I live in small one bedroom flat and annual electricity bill is nudging £1000+ even with minimal use!
Any suggestions?

Hi @Flowerlady,

Thanks for your post and welcome to community!! :wave:

I hope you don’t mind but I have merged your post with this one, discussing the fact we have recently started installing 5 terminal smart meters. I wonder if this would be of interest to you?

If you are interested, we could look into booking a 2 rate 5t smart install on the primary MPAN which you are currently paying a day and night rate for. Once the job is done we could then request the secondary MPAN is de-energised.

I need to check this through with our smart team, but please let me know if you would be interested in this. And if you have any questions.

– Daisy :bulb:

Hello Daisy
I may be interested in a 2 rate 5 terminal meter,depending on the following:
. Cost of new meter
.price of new day/night tariff (incl. VAT)
.standing charge
.whether fixed or variable
.are there imminent price rises

Hopefully you can forward this information as soon as possible
Susan Edwards

Hi @Flowerlady :sunflower:

A smart installation would be free of charge and the tariff rate and standing charge would remain the same. This means that it would also remain as a variable tariff as this is the only tariff we offer.

There is a price rise due at the beginning of October which you should have been made aware of already, but there is nothing else in the pipeline after this.

I’d be happy to check your situation with the smart team should you be interested in perhaps getting a smart meter and we can see the best way to go about it. We may need to de-energise the second MPAN before installing the smart meter but I can certainly ask them for their advice?

– Robyn :bulb:

Hi @Robyn_at_Bulb

I’d also be interested in the advice offered to @Flowerlady. Based on other community posts I presume the solution you’re offering has nothing to do with a 2-rate 5-terminal smart meter though? Just a normal smart meter?

Would be good to know if a second MPAN can be de-energised as part of the smart of the meter installation and if not, how it’s done and what the approximate cost is.

Hey @Flowerlady and @norman7115

I have spoken with my smart team who have advised that we can install a 5 terminal smart meter for you and de-energise your second MPAN free of charge. However, in doing this it would remove your boost functionality, only heating up during off peak hours, and you would lose the additional 3 hours of off peak time.

If you would be interested in pursuing this option I can send over all of the details via email and we can go from there? Let me know :grinning:

– Robyn :bulb:

Thanks @Robyn_at_Bulb

This seems contrary to what I’ve been told previously with regard to related meters. In the thread below you’ll see answers to my questions which appear to indicate that the heating system would not work without timers (or a new system would need to be installed) and a 4-terminal smart meter installed (not 5):

I can’t post a link but the thread is entitled “5 contact Economy 7 smart meter”

Can you please confirm which is correct.