Obscure bug in Bulb app (Android)

I have dual fuel, and recently had a smart electric meter installed. The installer could not fit the gas meter due to space limitations (being resolved) so I currently have my original very old non-smart gas meter.

The bulb app knows this - if I choose to submit a reading, it only shows me a button for gas. Previously, it showed a gas and electric button. All good so far.

However, when I submit a gas reading, it then asks me if I would like to submit an electric reading, and takes me to a screen showing the last reading I submitted from my old electric meter, and seemingly allows me to submit an electric meter reading.

Given that the app button for electric readings has been removed because the electric meter is smart, should the option for an electric meter reading be presented after a non-smart gas reading has been submitted?

I didn’t submit an electric meter reading as I feared it doing all sorts of bad things to my reading data, just thought I’d flag this up as it may have been overlooked.



Hi @Sheddyian thanks for letting us know! I’ve passed your feedback on to the tech team. It looks like in your case, we’re just experiencing a slight delay in getting the changeover readings - so I’ve chased for these and, once we receive them, the app glitch should go away.