October price estimations?

Lots of friends, family and colleagues with different providers have been talking recently about their future projected bills - it seems some suppliers are giving indications of what customers might pay when the next round of price hikes hit. I can’t see anything to this effect within Bulb, are they keeping this information firmly under their hats, or is there a way to work this out ourselves?

I’d like to know this ! Matin Lewis has reported more expensive rises than originally predicted.

Sky News

“ The cap is forecast to rise by 74% to £3,420 in October, a much higher sum than the £2,800 predicted in May by Ofgem, the energy regulator, before hitting £3,850 in January.”

By the time January comes around that number will be closer to £5000 if the situation in Ukraine deteriorates even more

I am in 2 minds as to whether to join up with @dontpayuk, thus cancelling my DD from October. I fully appreciate that this may leave me in an awkward position in relation to the Credit score system. (Not that I am too bothered especially with what is going on in the world)

I also read somewhere that the best way is to write directly with your supplier, and await a response. The Energy Ombudsman are often a valuable alternative if no reply is forthcoming.

Whether I will be able to afford the hike in proces come October remains to be seen.

I’ve heard from someone who works in the industry who suggested opening a dispute/complain with your energy company because they can’t take payment until its resolved, so just keep refusing to close the case, eventually the company will face a fine for not resolving the complaint


Come October I going to have to look to see where I can make some more small savings but I’m not sure how much more I can make a small saving on my electric that I not already doing.
Electric this winter is not going to be much cheaper than my gas heating bill. It looks like.
For if some forecasters are right in what they think for this winter. They are saying parts of the UK maybe at lest 2c below the average daytime temperatures for part of the winter ahead but forecasts saying this early is not always 100% right.