Octopus Agile negative pricing last weekend

Two nights in a row over the weekend, customers on the Octopus Agile tariff achieved negative pricing (-5.09 pence per kWh) due to excess renewable generation, presumably due to storm Atiyah bumping up the total from wind.

Bulb are clearly lagging behind Octopus in terms of innovation. With this and the Tesla collaboration Octopus have a lot of options for early adopters of home energy storage and EV drivers. When are Bulb rolling out their first Agile trial?


Keen to hear about plans for this. As an EV driver I’m definitely looking at smarter alternative options that Bulb don’t seem to be offering yet.

Bulb EDIT: Octopus energy already offer 5p KWH for 4 hours to charge EV per day

No they don’t.

The best you can do is standard Economy 7 or the smart tariff which gives you 8 hours of night rate at between approx 8p to 10p per kWh depending on area.

My uncle gets this adjusted by octopus for his EV so he tells me they offer it he’s on a normal fixed tariff with smart meter

Octopus do yes. Bulb do not. Perhaps you meant to write Octopus originally.

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In fact he’s on the octopus Go tarrif

Yes. But you wrote …

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I meant @octopus yes :joy: EDITED

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