Octopus has a solid offer if you've got Solar + Powerwall + Tesla car


It’s not clear to me exactly how this affects when your car charges, but it seems interesting nonetheless.


From reading it, it says all energy imported is a flat rate of 8p per kwh. That’s really super low.

But I’m guessing octopus have coated this as the number of households that

  • Have a drive
  • Have enough money / space for solar
  • And have enough money to own a tesla

Aren’t that many as per the whole population, there are many households with no drive.

Seems an interesting proposition.

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I got a quote for a power wall and solar install on my own home and they wouldn’t quote me because I had an odd roof said I’d never make the money back :frowning:

As time moves on I think in home battery even without solar will make sense as you can charge the batteries overnight at a low rate and use them in the day just like you do a car really I guess.

Or indeed get paid to charge your batteries:

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