Octopus looking to buy bulb, any one seen the headline?

Not sure how true this is. source sky news

Octopus Energy is exploring a move to take control of Bulb, its rival challenger brand, amid the crisis in Britain’s residential energy market that has triggered a swathe of corporate casualties.

Sky News has learnt that Octopus Energy is among the parties which have requested access to a data room set up by Bulb’s financial advisers in an attempt to secure new funding during the coming weeks.

This weekend, it was unclear whether Octopus Energy’s interest would extend to mounting a formal bid to acquire Bulb, which has about 1.7 million customers, or whether it was merely exploiting an opportunity to learn more details of a competitor’s financial position.

I’m on a smart tariff no other supplier will offer it, even octopus is more expensive for me than bulb. is shopping for cheaper energy now over ?


They say that ‘there is no smoke without fire’.
It is inevitable that in free market capitalism the little fish will always be swallowed up by the slightly bigger or fitter ones. Energy companies are no exception to that rule. Survival of the fittest!

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Ecotricity are in the middle of trying to buy Good Energy (they already own 25%).

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