Odd bill corrections

We had a smart meter fitted in July. The gas meter took a over a week to finally connect to the ihd

On the first subsequent bill date, there were many odd corrections, totalling near £5k. I know I’ve not used that much gas.
The gas reading on the ihd has been behaving oddly. Most days we spend about 1/10 of the electricity cost. Other days the costs are similar although we’ve not used any more gas. All very odd. Suggests a faulty gas meter to me.

Hi @Guanajuato,

I’ve had a look at the account and I can see that the billing issue is because we had your opening read when you joined us in 2016 and a closing read from you when the old gas meter was removed last month, but inbetween we’d been estimating the reads and hadn’t received any from yourself.

This means that when we finally did get that reading when the old gas meter was removed there was a big correction to all your statements.

I’m going to send you an email now about it so that we can get a bit more detail.

And for your IHD I believe this will be because the daily standing charge is added every few days so you’ll see this go up on some days over others.

Any further Qs let me know here or in the email thread.



Nonsense. I’d given readings pretty much every 3 months for both gas and electricity. And previous statements reflect that.

I’ve sent an email requesting a refund, but have had no response in over a week…
And since doing so, I’ve had a message suggesting I up my payments by £20 a month. I’m tempted to drop it to zero until the balance is returned.