Off peak energy

Hello I wonder if anyone can help me with off peak hours in Northern Scotland? Also would the cheap electricity just apply to my heaters or would it be all electric ie washing machine etc too? I used to be with SSE and they told me the off peak electric tariff was for heaters only and had no bearing on other appliances as they were not wired up to off peak meter? :woman_shrugging: Any help would be gratefully received.

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I have a very similar question…

I’m afraid I don’t know those, but you could use the kettle test - switch a kettle on around the time you think the tariff changes, and see which reading goes up (normal/low or day/night or however it’s marked). Note that your off-peak hours might be split into two chunks too (eg my Economy 7 is split 2/5 - 22:30-00:30 and 02:30-07:30).

I think that depends on what sort of meter you have, and how your property is wired.

Standard meters (and smart meters) have 4-tails (the chunky wires that come out of the bottom of the meter). Some off-peak meters also have 4-tails, but once upon a time, Scottish Power and SSE used special 5-tail meters for providing overnight heating tariffs.

If yours is a 5-tail meter, only circuits connected to the 5th tail benefit from the cheap rate.

I don’t think it the case that only the 5th tail gets the lower tariff, @stevefoster. My neighbour has economy 7 with the storage heaters (so the 5th leg) removed, yet the low reading still changes. I think that the 5th leg is just a timed circuit, so storage heaters don’t need clocks in them to know when to pull power. That why washing machines have a “delay start” function because those are not only on the 5th tail, so would start on a high rate.

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Thanks for the replies. I’m off work tomorrow so I’m going to spend the day listening for my meter clicking over :joy:

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The off-peak time will depend on your meter and how it is configured. Normally off-peak hours are 00:30 - 7:30.

It really depends on your set up. If you just have one electricity meter that all your supply goes through then you’ll be charged the off peak rate for all electricity used. If you could confirm your set up then we’ll be able to advise a little more :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi I’ve got 2 meters, one that all the heaters and immersion plug into and one that all sockets plug into. Thanks for all the help so far

2 Separate stand-alone meters? in that case, @stevefoster might be right then, sorry for the confusion.

Crikey! Another “ingenious” solution from the energy industry! How many more ways of managing multi-rate timings will we discover have been used over the years?

Do you get charged two lots of standing charges?

Hi @paulinea83,

I’m going to send you an email now so I can get some info from you. I can then let you know the times/pricing of your set up.

I’ve no idea, it wasn’t mentioned when I switched, my welcome pack only has prices for KWh and standing charge is left blank. I hope not or else any saving I was making will be swallowed up with standing charge. I only switched a couple of weeks ago but will switch back if it comes back as double. I wish I’d known before hand.

Hi @paulinea83,

I’ve just replied to your email with a breakdown of the different costs/timings.

As you have related meters, you will only pay standing charge for 1 of the meters.