Off Peak Supply

I came across to bulb from Ecotricity with a 1st type smart meter. I have an economy 7 supply and the off peak supply switched over at midnight - until very recently, and ow the off peak supply does not come on at all and the off peak supply has dis appeared from the smart meter! Bulb just say to call in an electrician, but I am sure this will be wasting time and money, I suspect that the off peak supply has been somehow turned off centrally! Has anyone else encountered a similar issue? Bulb have no other suggestions!!

Bad news for you I’m afraid. Bulb do not currently support E7 via any sort of smart meter. So yes, it’ll have been turned off and you’re now on the standard single-rate tariff. If your meter is compatible, Bulb may be able to put you on their three-rate “smart tariff” which is similar to E7, except the overnight rate is a little lower and there is an additional 4pm-7pm peak rate. Depending on your usage pattern this may not be any good for you. If you want to stay on Economy 7 you’ll either need to pay Bulb £120 to switch out your smart meter for a standard non-smart E7 meter, or move supplier again.

Whoever at Bulb told you to call an electrician needs to be sent on further training.

Thanks for that. I’ve had an off peak supply for about 6 months since coming across from ecotricity - then it just vanished and neither the meter shows an off peak supply any more and the “contactor” no longer turns on the off peak circuit! I suspect that it is time to start looking for another supplier again, a shame!

Well that’s interesting. It’s definitely a smart meter?

Yes, a type 1, smart meter, which I’ve had to read manually since coming across to Bulb.

Bulb are looking into it further, I await their feedback…