Off Peak Times

What are the Off Peak times with bulb?

Hi @gwynethw - It depends on the individual meter, they have a timeswitch built into them. I’ve emailed you your off-peak times.

Hi, please can you email mine to me as well. Thanks

Hi @Hairycamel, I’ve just dropped you an email with your peak and off-peak times.

If anyone else would like to find this out, please take a look at our help centre which explains the timings for your area.

You can contact if you would like any further explanation. =)

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Hello, Can I have my Off Peak times please?


Hello there
May I please have my off peak times too?
Thank you

Hi @ValAl and @Mauro,

I’ve dropped you both a message with your off-peak hours.

Hi, can you email me the times too? we have just switched to a smart meter and we are not sure as the IHD hasn’t changed when we have been awake. BTW, the “contact us” link in that web you suggested above is broken.

Do you mean the link shown is broken? If you do then it isn’t broken it is a mailto link which Bulb are using to allow users to send an email directly to them, without the user having to copy it and entering it into an email client.

No, sorry, I wasn’t clear. I meant the link “take a look at our help center”. Once you click it and scroll all the way down, “the contact us” doesn’t work…

Got it.

The contact us link needs needs to be changed from to read