Official member since 13th payed

OK so I was utilita prepayment joined on 13th they took first payment, utilita switched me from prepayment to credit!! Good sign huh looking at smets meter bill going up, means still with utilita despite support through webchat he says that he called and confirms

I’m not with utilita anymore… Next day my gas supply went off when asked same guy, that’s his response
Now he wants me to call!!! Witch I won’t do not my problem, simple it is, you guys told me you do all the rest

Yes I had gas supplied when I was with utilita!

You’ve reached a public customer forum.

So you have posted a thread and it appears you’re discussing with yourself.

This is not a direct customer support channel.

!? Making aware., reached

But I don’t know what you expect to achieve in posting your conversations with customer support.

I don’t understand what your actual query is.