OFGEM News (Bulb not on naughty step for once)

18 (16 now) Suppliers screwed up billing customers when switching. Full details:

Biggest villains (this time):

OVO (inc. SSE): £3.78m
Shell (inc. Green Star): £2.03m
ScottishPower: £1.97m
British Gas: £1.27m
EDF: £0.52m

(Note that most of that £10.4m goes back to affected customers; the rest to charities chosen by the EST on behalf of OFGEM [see article for detail])

BBC News story about same:

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“18 suppliers failed to correctly protect customers’ tariff prices when they decided to switch supplier or tariff” I guess that one simple tariff at Bulb makes it quite hard for them to break this rule :laughing:

I’m not sure how you arrived at this fact?

They have still managed to make a pigs ear of that :pig:

Probably get bruised shoulders from patting themselves on the back.

Bulb overcharged me by about £1,500 last October, and despite refunding some of this money they still owe me. It’s been five month’s now. Two days ago they billed me £267 for Feb. a day later they reversed this and billed be £163. Bear in mind they’re taking ‘smart’ meter readings electronically, but they still managed to screw up. I do not trust their billing process, or their ability to put things right.

Five months and the issue is still not resolved, despite it being escalated to the Ombudsman.

Check your bills carefully, you consumers. If Bulb are billing you based on their ‘smart’ meter readings, do check the meter yourself too. You cannot trust them.

Hi @mjhelliwell, I’ve just responded to your post in this thread about this :+1: