OFGEM price cap - unit cost price cap not total bill cap

Can anyone explain how or if the Ofgem price cap will affect unit costs from Bulb. What is a ‘typical household’ that the £1136 / yr cap is referring to?
As far as i can gather it is purely a cap on unit costs, and some news stories have been misleading in implying £1136 is the most you will pay. From Ofgem overview document, gas unit cost to be capped at 3.7p / unit and electricity 16.5p / unit direct debit . Bulb unit costs in my area are 13.713 and 3.591 per unit so already below the cap level and the cap will make no difference to my current energy costs.

@Fullofgas You are correct, the price cap will not affect Bulb as our rates are below the cap.

The price cap will mostly only help out those people on high standard variable tariffs. £1136 would be the most you can pay if you had a typical usage pattern. If you use more than the national average then you will pay more than £1136.