Old Fashioned Imperial Gas Meter

Hi There.

I have just moved into a older property and opened a new account with Bulb. I noticed that the gas meter is measuring units in cubic feet instead of Metric metres. I understand from memory that it is quite common for utility companies to incorrectly charge customers for metric units instead of imperial units. Could we get the gas meter changed to a metric one please?

Many thanks.

Matt Clark

Hi @Matt_Clark76 Thanks for getting in touch.

There is nothing actually wrong with imperial meters, as long as we have the correct units on our billing system. Looking into your account, we do hold this as an imperial meter, so there is no chance of us billing you incorrectly.

The issue you read about was actually when suppliers held the wrong unit of measurement on the billling system compared to the meter at the property, but in your case it’s correct so there’s nothing to worry about!

Hope this explains things.