Old Gas Account still active?

We just switched, and our Gas account was delayed in switching to you. Just logged into SSE and whilst the electric account looks to have switched and we’ve got our final bill, the Gas account still shows as active with them. Before I contact them, has everything definitely switched to you now?

Hey @andyl We’re definitely supplying you gas, but it’s worth us double checking that we have the right gas account for you. It’s not unknown for meters to be listed under the wrong address in the energy industry. Can you send us a photo of your gas meter and we’ll quickly check.

Hi, thanks, I think everything is OK now. Would it be possible to please refund £50 to cover the credit for signing up? My monthly payments should build up and cover the rest of the year.

Hi @andyl, so long as you have at least your monthly payment amount plus £50 in your account, Bulb should be able to refund you that £50 as requested.

It’s normally fastest to request that by phone though (0300 30 30 635).

@andyl I refunded £50 on top of the £40 refund that Henry processed for you on 08/02/18. I hope that’s what you meant. If not, feel free to make a top-up payment at https://my.bulb.co.uk/dashboard/payment-details

Thanks @“Andrew at Bulb” - Henry refunded what he could at the time, but there seems to have been an adjustment on my account leaving another £50 spare plus my last monthly DD, so I think it’ll be ok - I’ll keep an eye on it and top up later in the year if I need to. Thanks for picking this up.

Excellent @andyl we’ll leave it as is for the moment then.