Old provider billed me £200

They say you only recently provided them with the final meter reading despite me giving it to you at the start of February,

This delay has meant me having to shell out an additional £200 a month after i received the final bill/closed my old account and a week before going on holiday

How is this a timely service?

@LeighM, the meter readings go via a third party so it could have been an issue there rather than with Bulb.

Whatever the cause of the delay, this is a customer forum so not really the ideal place to raise the issue. I’d recommend sending Bulb an email or giving them a ring if you’d like to raise a complaint.

But that isn’t what i was is it. I was told directly by Bulb YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING ELSE…IT CAN TAKE UP TO 6 WEEKS…

I expect that to be accurate. it is a direct statement

@LeighM, have you contacted Bulb yet to find out what the issue has been?

Remember though that nobody’s infallible. Bulb is still a company of human beings who sometimes make mistakes.