Old provider still charging

Hi, I switched to Bulb on 15th Feb but I was charged today by my old provider NPower and was led to believe that Bulb would arrange the switch over? Should I have cancelled the Direct Debit myself or should NPower have done that?

@AbbiBW, it can take up to around 6 weeks for your old supplier to receive the verified switch readings (they go via a third party) and issue you your final bill.

During that time, they often continue to take monthly payments as usual.

@AbbiBW while @mowcius’s explanation is the one that makes sense in most situations, there’s one thing about your gas meter reads that makes me concerned that there may be some confusion about which meters of yours we should be supplying. Can you please send us an email with a statement from Npower as an attachment? Our email address is help@bulb.co.uk. I want to check that Npower and Bulb are talking about the same gas and electricity meters.