Old supplier final meter readings s

Hi folks, how long does it usually take Bulb to send my meter reading to my old supplier… I left EDF on the 22nd May to be with Bulb, i took my meter readings at 19.30 on the 22nd, EDF tell me that they received my Gas reading from Bulb on the 24th May…BUT have not yet received my electric reading(as of today 11th June)… seems very odd and worrying… is this the norm for them, by the way both the readings are on my Bulb online account so they have them.

There are separate independent regulators for electricity and gas who validate the meter readings given by Bulb before they are sent onto your previous suppliers. So although Bulb may send them at the same time they wont necessarily arrive with your previous suppliers at the same time.

Further information is here: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360016445831-What-happens-when-I-switch-to-Bulb-