Old Supplier Objection


I’ve got a friend switching to Bulb. They wanted to switch both their gas and electricity.

They received an email from Bulb stating: “Your old supplier has objected to your electricity switch”.
Later the same day they received a second email from Bulb stating: “Your switch has been cancelled”.

My friend didn’t have any time to contact their supplier (EDF) between the two emails. They have since spoken to EDF who have stated it’s their standard practice to object to all switches as they’ve had too many customers who switch because they don’t want pay. However, they’ve stated that they will now allow the switch to go through.

In the meantime, my friend’s Bulb account is just showing Gas at the moment. Do they need to do anything to get Electricity added? I’m concerned that they will get disheartened by what was sold to them as “Only 2 minutes to switch and we’ll take care of the rest” which already seems to not be the case.

Can I also suggest that, from an operational point of view, you give it at least a day between the “your old supplier has objected” and “your switch has been cancelled” emails? Giving potential customers less than a day to sort things out doesn’t seem reasonable.

Hi Alexander,

I have just been through a similar situation. “Your switch has been cancelled” is not as worrying as it sounds. Small steps are happening quickly and the two emails would be Bulb informing you of each step. It seems that previous suppliers are not happy for us to leave and they delay the process unfortunately. In my case the old supplier (Green Star) objected as there was a balance outstanding on my dual fuel account which I paid very quickly. They removed the objection but only for electricity, so electricity was transferred on 12th September but gas is only transferring today 20th.

Bulb were very helpful throughout all of this, kept me informed and re-applied to switch from old company to Bulb. Can I suggest that your friend ensures that EDF have removed the objection on both electricity and gas? I would also make a quick call to Bulb once this has been done to let them know first hand.

Hi there @Alexander as @anniemac says the ‘your switch is cancelled’ thing isn’t nearly as final as it sounds. Essentially the electricity switch has stopped-but we can restart it again without any problems, we just need to hear from your friend that EDF won’t object again and we’ll get their switch back on track.

The reason we send the emails close together is (this is going to get marginally technical-feel free to ignore) each email is triggered by a specific bit of info that we receive. The first one comes in saying ‘there’s been an objection’ so we send out that first email. After that, we can get one of two things, either ‘the old supplier has removed their objection’-that pretty much only happens if they did it by accident-or ‘the switch has been totally objected to and stopped’ in which case we send out that ‘your switch has been cancelled’ email, just to let you know that as it stands the switch has stopped. Sometimes there are days between the bits of info, sometimes only hours. And we can’t actually restart the switch until the ‘it’s been cancelled’ one comes in, so it coming quickly is no bad thing, actually.

Thank-you both. My friend has made the switch now, for both gas and electric, so we’re all good.

With regards to the emails; maybe it would be worth including the above in the emails, especially the cancellation email? In a kind of “what happens next?” way? The bit about “we can’t bring your electricity supply on board to Bulb” in the cancellation does come across as being very final when, in actuality, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Fantastic glad to hear it. I think that’s an excellent idea, I’ve sent it over to the guys who do our emails to see if they can get it changed