Old supplier overcharged on final bill. Estimate was incorrect.

Hello all.

I’ve recently switched from npower to Bulb.

Npower and Bulb estimated my gas reading on 18th January 2018 as 6599. The final bill from npower included this estimate and the bill seemed to be a bit high.

Upon reading the meter today, I see that it’s now only at 6601.

I’ve definitely been overcharged because the estimate from npower should have been much lower. Will Bulb take this into account or do I need to chase npower for overcharging me?

Thank you for your help.

As Bulb will also use the estimate as well, you won’t be charged for the energy twice. You’ll just end up paying npower a little more and Bulb a little less.

Although Bulb’s cheaper, the hassle of trying to change the switch reading probably isn’t worth the few pennies you might save doing so.

OK, that makes total sense. I thought I’d be charged again for the shortfall with Bulb. And you’re right, it certainly isn’t worth the hassle of correcting this and saving a few pounds!

Thank you for your help.

@anthonybulb looks like @mowcius answered your query thoroughly. Let us know if you have any further questions, though.

Thank you Andrew :slight_smile: