Old supplier

I had an email today from my old supplier saying a can view my bill online. I have been with you since December 17th. In thought I would get a final bill, it doesn’t say it’s my final bill. What do I do? I have emailed them saying I’m with you bulb now and have been since December 17th. What happens next?

Hi @Lauralesie, it can take up to 6 weeks for your old supplier to issue you with your final bill so hopefully they get back in contact with you to confirm where they are with the process of closing your account.

The longer they can keep your money, the more money they can make off it, so some suppliers are pretty poor at sorting things out when you move. Scottish Power kept trying to charge me for 18 months after I left them…

@Lauralesie Thanks for getting in touch with us, sorry for the delay in the response. We can confirm that you have changed over to us on the 19th of December. As @mowcius correctly said, it normally takes 2-6 weeks for the old supplier to get your starting reading, afterwards they’ll send you a final bill :). If you still haven’t received one in 2 weeks time, please let us know and we’ll get directly in touch with them.