old suppliers begging you to come back

anyone else had old suppliers ringing up begging for your custom again? Just had first utilities ringing saying they are cheaper etc. told them where to go. Bulb must be doing something right.

I moved from npower (elec) and British Gas (gas) to Co-op Energy five years ago.
Nothing from npower, but British Gas were really persistent, and I ended up telling them where to get off - not very politely. :wink:
Moving to Bulb six months ago - just a ‘sorry you’re leaving’ letter from the Co-op.

Not surprised when you look at their market shares of late.



Hi @Andrew30 we have heard of a few companies doing that - we’re not a big fan. As @198kHz mentions that Co-op did, I quite like the “sorry you’re leaving” letter option. It at least gives people notification that a switch is underway, without pressurising people to stay.

I got a letter from Npower who supplied both my utilities. It said the same as @198kHz. All I got otherwise was a call to just verify that I was aware a switch was happening. (I assume to prevent identity fraud) and they only asked me why I was leaving. I said its cheaper and they weren’t going to force me onto a smart meter.

All in all bulb have solved all of my issues including what looked like a weird gas bill and it turned out to be a supplier of the meter fault.


I recently left Spark Energy (Robbers!!!). They didn’t do anything when I initiated a switch except try to block the switch and be as awkward as possible. Glad I’ve seen the back of them. Onwards and upwards.


If you ever decide to leave Bulb they’ll respond as you’d expect - a very nice “We’re sorry you are leaving. Is there anything we can do?” email

I’m glad to hear you liked the goodbye email @xxx :slight_smile: though we’re certainly sad to see anyone go.

We feel like people should always be free to switch around between suppliers, without being tied into contracts or having to faff around too much in any switch. That’s why we pay people’s exit fees, actually, they’re a barrier to switching and we really want help break things like that down.

We have just switched from SSE, no letter call or anything from them

Joined today.
“Your switch is underway” from npower 11 days ago.

They said: “We’ll do everything we can to make your switch go smoothly” in e-mail.