Older Smart Meter

Hi, I’ve just switched to Bulb today from Scottish Power. There’s only one thing I’m not sure about and can’t find the answer to, I’ve got a smart meter installed by scottish power(picture bellow) and I can’t figure out how to tell if this is one Bulb can read or not.

My switch doesn’t happen until the 14th of september but I’d like to know in advance if I’ll have to submit readings myself or if Bulb will automatically connect to my already installed smart meter.


Your gas meter doesn’t matter. It’s the comms hub located on the top of the electricity meter. I know if it’s a secure branded one, bulb will be able to read it.

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Thanks for your reply, sorry I’m a bit nieve with this, the only other thing I can see is this?

Those are SMETS1 meters that Bulb will not be able to read yet. You’ll have to submit manual readings. The update to SMETS1 meters to make them readable by all suppliers is due to complete by the end of 2021, but hopefully should be much sooner than that.


Ah okay, thanks for your reply!

Unlikely(but not impossible) that they would install an elster gas and a secure brand leccy meter.
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Just to clarify - We’re able to now read Secure SMETS1 but we will not be installing any of these meters. :zap:

OK does that mean bulb will replace my meters with new ones or do I need to wait until bulb are able to read these? Thanks

In this situation, we would not replace the meter. You would need to wait until we can read this type of meter.