Ombudsman, my second time having to resort to them

Since having a smart meter installed, I have had nothing but problems. First referral to the Ombudsman found in my favour and I have no doubt the second one will, as well. Is it really too much to ask that equipment supplied to you works as it should and the continuous round of “turn it off and back on again, we’ll reboot it here, you live South of Newcastle?,…” gets very boting, to say the least.
We are continually being told to monitor energy usage, be green, etc, but Bulb make it impossible. My meter no longer sends readings, the IHD doesn’t work and I’m told my account isn’t in good enough shape and I need to increase my payment… I have just demanded - and recieved - the £400 excess that was sitting in my account when they suggested my DD increases by 300% or so… I am desperate to change providers but how can I, when none of my metering equipment works?? An absolute shambles of a company

Hi @Lecturer, I’m sorry the reboot hasn’t solved the issue with the communications hub. I do understand this makes it difficult to monitor your usage but the network operator is aware of such issues and will continue to work to find solutions.

I can see my colleague has sent over our position on the complaint and we would be happy to discuss your payments in more detail in that email thread, if you still have questions.


The matter is now in the hands of the Ombudsman - AGAIN!

Obviously any further discussion on my email thread isn’t viable as you have said the complaint is closed.

Sorry to hear that @Lecturer

I’m sorry we disappointed you. It sounds like this wasn’t handled well and we should absolutely do better.

I understand you’re taking it to the ombudsman but if you have any other queries you want us to address just let us know and we’ll reach out

– Daisy :bulb: