On line chat - does it exist any more?

I use the latest Chrome on Win 10. I have never been able to find the Online Chat that Bulb ask us to use. It may be because my Chrome is blocking it? Or has Online Chat been withdrawn?

I’d appreciate any knowledge on this thank you.
I’ve been trying to book an engineer on support’s advice but the phone system cut me off. :roll_eyes:


Thank you for the link, with which I am very familiar.
No Online Chat link, box, pop-up, toast or any other kind of chat device is apparent. Not even on that page.
My question was: is it my Chrome? Or is chat removed from the Bulb Web Site?

Chat is still there. This is how the link @skippy64 gave appears for me (in Brave, a Chrome derivative) - the “BulbBot” shows up in two places (a direct link under “Online Chat…”, and a small overlay that stays in the bottom right corner as the page scrolls up/down):

Thanks for that. Well, something weird is going on with my Chrome, then. At least I know Chat exists. This is what I get - you will see there is no click box.:

So you can see why I was concerned! Thank you.
I’ve now investigated it and discovered Malwarebytes Chrome Browser Extension is blocking the BulbBot. Perhaps that is something Bulb need to consider.

I use W10 with the latest microsoft “edge” browser(which is chrome based) and as Steve says the live chat appears in the bottom right-hand corner, seems to alternate between “live chat” and chatbot, depending on how busy they are.