Once I am fully on-board with you Id like to change the day my direct debit comes out..

Hi, Basically Id like to have my payments to come out on the 3rd of each month please if that’s possible? Once I am on-board with you & the switch is complete :smiley: Thanks from Clive :smiley:

Hey @clive1984, I’ve just made the change for the payment date right now. Your payments are now set to the 3rd of each month with the first one coming out in February. Just to let you know, you can make any payment changes through myBulb as well.

As for changing it to Direct Debit, if you could call us at 0300 30 30 635 with your bank account details we will be able to change you over. For security reasons, we don’t accept bank details over email :slight_smile:

I am due to change in the next week or so and would like my direct debit to come out on the 1st of each month please and not the 29th if possible

Thank you :smiley:

@wiggy63, I’ve responded to you in the discussion thread.

No worries @clive1984 B)